Janet Kim
Singer/songwriter Janet Kim picked up the violin when she was seven and hasn’t put it down since. The classical compositions she studied during childhood, with their complexity and precision, have taken root and grown vines that tangle together with the fearless vocals and airborne melodies of her first solo EP, Lovely (2017).

Kim’s passion for melody was born in the practice rooms, chamber groups, and orchestras of her youth, but her love of creation and composition found expression in distinct and diverse ways. Drawn to the bold colors and intricate, layered textures now heard in her music, Kim attended Harvard College to study visual arts, but still kept her fingers curved around a violin bow. She played in the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra for a year, and joined friends in a folk-rock band, performing in such storied venues as the original House of Blues in Cambridge.

After a year in Paris, Kim launched a fashion career in New York City. As she sketched designs and chose fabrics for her collection, she made her performance debut in Manhattan’s local music scene performing alongside established musicians at famed indie venues including Bowery Ballroom and the Living Room. Eventually, Kim formed the folk-pop duo ponies will bite you! and performed regularly at Rockwood Music Hall, where she found her voice as a singer and writer in her own right.

Kim wrote and recorded her first solo EP, Lovely, in 2017. With the help of producer Patrick Firth, Lovely weaves layered ethereal tones and rising violin melodies with the strength and beauty of her classical past, bringing Kim’s lush electro-synth pop sound to life -- and back to her roots.